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ATAT Production copy.webp

We are excited to announce that a limited number of ATAT model kits are available to purchase! A commission for professional painting and assembly is also available at checkout. These model kits will ship in 2024 with the exact date TBA. Follow us on social media and on our website for updates as we complete the production process. Painted kits are hand-painted and shipping times can vary.

HOLIDAY BONUS! To celebrate the 2023 Holiday Season, all new orders of the ATAT will receive a $100 Merlin Models coupon code that can be used on ANY Merlin Models product in 2024! Offer valid until Jan 1st 2024.

Our first and most popular model kit is The Walker! We engineered this model to be fully poseable from each joint in the legs and ankles and toes all the way to the neck. Hidden gears allow each joint to be positioned and locked in place, and an elastomer sleeve covers the neck joints for a flexible seal. 


Our signature production process is what makes a Merlin model kit great. Using our custom RIGIDYNE casting material and limiting the use of our molds we are able to keep our castings pristine and each piece is cleaned and polished before being packaged. Long gone are the days and weeks spent cleaning parts, filling gaps, and frustrating yourself from poorly designed custom kits! Welcome to Merlin Models, where we do our best to get it done right!

ATAT Production2 copy.webp
ATAT Production3 copy.webp

Dimensions 22L x 9D x 18H



  • RIGIDYNE Material

  • Fully articulated and poseable legs

  • Fully articulated and poseable neck

  • Metal leg pistons

  • Metal gun barrels

  • Geared ankles

  • Stainless steel screws

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