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For the first time ever, an ESB Walker that is sized to compliment ANY Studio Scale ATAT!


The miniature ESB walker by Merlin Models is designed with all of the detail and accuracy of the original studio scale model, but in a smaller size. At 10 inches tall in pose, it perfectly compliments any studio scale ATAT. Or it can stand alone as an incredible diorama with it's included ebony base, snow-scape, and trooper figures!

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Painted Statue is $599 and Unpainted Model Kit is $199

No-Credit-Check Payment Plans are available for the Painted Statue. Learn more through our FAQ

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The Perfect Companion for your Studio Scale ATAT!

Merlin Models is doing what has never been done before! Our miniature ATST is intentionally sized to match your Studio Scale ATAT! The miniature ATST is offered either painted and assembled, or as a model kit. Both versions include an elegant black ebony base that allows you to present it on it's own. Or you can remove the whole scene from the base and display it with your ATAT! With the model kit version, the possibilities are endless! You could even grab 2 or 3 and create the ultimate ESB diorama! Our miniature ATST will fit ANY studio scale ATAT, not just ours. If you don't own an ATAT, ours is available to purchase for a limited time.

Posable Possibilities

Our miniature Walker has been engineered for dynamic posing, even at it's smaller scale! All of the joints found on the larger studio scale model are still fully articulated on our miniature version. This flexibility allows you to set up your scene exactly how you want it to be! (note the painted version is not posable to allow for safe and secure shipping)

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Hyper Detail

At Merlin Models, our reputation for detail and accuracy sets us apart from other manufacturers. And this is fully realized in our miniature ATST. Even though it's smaller, every kit part and detail from the Studio Scale version is present and accounted for!


Our competitive pricing doesn't mean that we cut corners! Even though our miniature ATST is only 10 inches tall, it still includes screws for joints, elastomer rubber neck, silicon tubing, and our custom Rigidyne™ material! Every piece is sharp, clean, and functional.

Diorama Exclusives

Creativity is what we do best! Instead of just producing a basic model, we include a complete scene! You'll have the flexibility to display it on it's own or along with your Studio Scale ATAT. Every purchase will include a black base with a velvet bottom and metal coin underneath. The snow-scape and figures that come with each miniature ATST allow you to craft your own story! Every time you look at it, you'll be taken back to an iconic moment in the Original Trilogy.

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Painted Statue is $599 and Unpainted Model Kit is $199

No-Credit-Check Payment Plans are available for the Painted Statue. Learn more through our FAQ

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