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The Firespray is the culmination of all of our creative efforts to date! It is the most intensive project we have ever undertaken and our biggest engineering success in model kit building ever! We worked with the best mind in the business to collect the research needed to source every known kit part and we even found some parts that were currently unknown, making this kit the most accurate custom model to ever be produced as a model kit!

We offer both full-pay and no-credit-check financing to complete your purchase


We have pulled out all the stops with the best materials, the most modern technologies and techniques pushed ourselves to the limit on how much quality we could pour into a project. If you are looking for refinement, quality and accuracy, there is nowhere else that you will find it but here in this masterpiece of museum quality art! 


Our signature production process is what makes a Merlin model kit great. Using our custom RIGIDYNE casting material and limiting the use of our molds we are able to keep our castings pristine and each piece is cleaned and polished before being packaged. Long gone are the days and weeks spent cleaning parts, filling gaps, and frustrating yourself from poorly designed custom kits! Welcome to Merlin Models, where we do our best to get it done right!

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Slave Production5 copy.webp

Dimensions 24.5W x 10D x 26H (No Base)

Dimensions 24.5W x 12D x 28.75H (With Base)

Base 16w x 12D x 2.25H



  • RIGIDYNE Material

  • Designed from 320+ found original kit parts

  • Highest possible accuracy

  • 1200 hours prototype build time

  • Machined aluminum armature

  • Machined aluminum engine housings

  • Custom vintage LED lighting kit professionally engineered

  • Movable wings with working metal pistons

  • Figure included

  • Free Gift! Extra cockpit with custom stand

  • Included Base (free round 1 production)

  • Included 4 inch collectible coin (free round 1 production)


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