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Forest Fight

A 1/16 Scale Story based statue with world class sculpting available in two versions:

An international award winning, hand crafted, painted version

or enjoy the building and painting yourself and purchase a kit, following our videos!

Characters Connect Us

We fall in love with characters from the great stories we see on stage and screen and in the books we read. Our Saga series is all about bringing characters together to tell a story, to revive a memory we had when we first saw our favorite film; to be able to step back into that world again, every time we look at our shelf!

ROTJ Statue Kit Release Image copy.webp


Unpainted Kit Version

The unpainted version will contain approximately 60 parts and will also include some magnetic and press fit joints that will arrive pre-assembled for you. You will also receive a wood ebony base, video instruction guides, and painting guides!

Adventure Calls to Us

Forest Fight awakens the feelings of a the grand adventure in the forest. The classic war of Good vs. Evil and of the small standing tall against the mighty! Those are the emotions we want you to feel when you sit down to experience your statue. Let your creativity expand upon the story that is unfolding in front of you!


Painted Version

The painted version is easy to assemble with a magnetic pin or press fit joints and a steel guide pin to place it onto the ebony base.

Most importantly we will be having Don Suratos, an international award winning figure painter, doing all of the production paint work! Usually this kind of painting is reserved only for the paint master but we want each statue to be a true piece of art! 

forest Fight Website Image 1.webp

A Little Danger...

War is hell they say... and we haven't seen it very much in pop culture statues but it is a part of the thrill and of the seriousness of battle that should not be left out. This scene turned out to be one of our favorite parts of the whole piece! 

Don Suratos Introduction copy.webp


  • Dimensions: 15x15x15 Inches

  • We are covering the cost of shipping the product to our studio in Texas so that domestic shipping is fast and affordable

  • Shipping from our studio to the contiguous USA is expected to be approx. $50

  • International shipping from our studio will vary but average cost has been approx $220 (import duties are separate)

  • Shipping is invoiced at the time of shipping

  • 6 Month Payment plans are available for the painted version of our statue (no credit check required)

  • EST Shipping for unpainted is Q3 2024, and EST shipping for painted is approx Q4 2024

Don Suratos Painting Examples

The Payoff

When it all comes together, sometimes a piece just sings. This is one of those works of art! The composition is balanced and each scene tells it's own story, but leaves enough for YOU to be able to create your own ending!

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