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The Imperial Shuttle is a must have for any collection and with Merlin you know you are getting the best version to ever hit custom production! All of the kit parts are designed from found parts for a high level of accuracy and we used research assistants from around the world to double check our efforts to ensure our references and final product met expectations.

We offer both full-pay and no-credit-check financing to complete your purchase


This model is quite large at studio scale so we made it possible for you to choose the pose for your build; flight or landed so you can fit the model into your display space! With the included lighting kit you will be able to experience a startup engine and wings light up and then an idling sequence that looks true to the films and our custom made LED neon mimics the shape of the glass neon of the original so you will see the signature long oval shape through the engine diffusers!


Our signature production process is what makes a Merlin model kit great. Using our custom RIGIDYNE casting material and limiting the use of our molds we are able to keep our castings pristine and each piece is cleaned and polished before being packaged. Long gone are the days and weeks spent cleaning parts, filling gaps, and frustrating yourself from poorly designed custom kits! Welcome to Merlin Models, where we do our best to get it done right! 

Shuttle Production2 copy.webp
Shuttle Production3 copy.webp

Dimensions OPEN 20D x 28W x 34H

Dimensions CLOSED 20D x 14W x 22H

Base 11D x 14W x 1.5H



  • RIGIDYNE Material

  • Machined aluminum Front Guns

  • Machined Aluminum Wing Guns

  • Machined Aluminum Rear Guns

  • LED Neon rear light with clear diffuser

  • Fuselage and wings lighting kit with animation

  • Optional landing gear

  • Optional wings open or closed

  • Metal internal structure in wings for no warping or bending

  • Fully built out cockpit

  • Tinted cockpit glass

  • Stand for display flight

  • Stand for display landed

  • Included Base (free round 1 production)

  • Included 4 inch collectible coin (free round 1 production)


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