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The Most Ambitious B-17 Replica Ever Created!

At Merlin Models we make museum quality collectibles for the private collector. We believe in going big, and in this case, we mean that literally. Introducing our 1/8th and 1/16th Scale B-17F Flying Fortress! This project is so large that we will be releasing it in six sections, beginning with the Ball Turret Section. These sections are designed to slide together to create the entire bomber! We've developed it with all collectors in mind! Get it as a model kit or as a finished replica.

We're also aware the being big isn't enough on it's own. Accuracy and Detail are everything in the WWII collectibles industry. So we partnered with Restoration Museum Hanger Thirteen to source blueprints and 3D scans of a real B-17F. We can confidently say that our B-17F project will be the most accurate representation of a Flying Fortress to ever hit the market!


By supporting this campaign, you get to participate in the rebuilding of the real "Lucky Thirteen", a B-17F that flew combat missions in 1943. Restoration Museum Hanger Thirteen has been instrumental in providing the research that makes this project as accurate as possible. Through this campaign, we are excited to donate 25% of the profits from this project to their museum. Your purchase directly supports their efforts to rebuild one of these iconic bombers! Let's blow them away and provide all of the funding that they need to finish their project!

Kickstarter Campaign

We are launching our project by releasing the Ball Turret as our first section. It will be available through Kickstarter starting on May 28th 2024. We chose to use Kickstarter as our Pre-Order partner for a few reasons:

  • Their tools are easy for you to use and make the ordering process simple!

  • Kickstarter's reach enables us to serve a broader audience and reduces the cost of launching our products

  • Campaigns with gifts and stretch goals are fun!

  • Kickstarter is a trusted Pre-Order system

A Museum Masterpiece

Our B-17F replica will be displayed in national museums across the country, including the National Air and Space Museum. And this is your chance to own it for your own private collection! Join us on Kickstarter and be among the first to receive yours!

Easy Ownership

Our Ball Turret Section is available as a 1/16th Model Kit, a 1/8th Model Kit, a 1/8th Fully Finished Replica, and as a special 1/8th Statue. You can save up to 50% off of the retail price by reserving yours through our Kickstarter Campaign. We also offer easy No-Credit-Check payment plans!

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The parts created by Merlin Models are crips and full of rich detail that you won't find anywhere else! Instead of using general purpose brittle resin; we use our own premium polyurethane blend to ensure maximum quality! Our use of magnets allows you to easily swap certain parts to customize your display experience! The Ball Turret Section is the first of six sections that make up the fuselage. Each section will easily slide together with the others to create the complete bomber! Merlin Models has an international reputation in the private collector sector for producing the highest quality replica kits. You can be assured that these kits will be delivered looking their best! We used Hangar Thirteen's research in the development of our B-17F collectible. This includes 3d scans of the real Ball Turret! This all results in the most accurate B-17F collectible ever made!

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How Does It Work?

Our Kickstarter Campaign is Easy!


Join our Launch List!

As we finish the final steps in preparation for our launch, you will want to be ready to make your pledge as soon as we launch the campaign! Join our Launch List and be among the first in line to reserve your kit or collectible. Those that sign up will also be the first to learn about our exclusive extras!


Share our Campaign!

It's important for us to reach as many modelers and collectors as possible so we can reach all of our stretch goals and donate a huge amount to Hangar Thirteen! Share the campaign on your social media pages and groups and tell your friends!


Choose your Pledge!

When the campaign launches, everyone that signed up will receive an email with a link to make their pledge through Kickstarter. Each pledge counts as a deposit towards your preferred kit or collectible. 

  • 1/16 Kit

  • 1/8 Kit

  • 1/8 Finished Collectible

  • 1/8 Finished Statue


Finish Pledge on our Website

We know that collecting is an expensive hobby. You’ll receive a sizeable discount through our campaign, but we want to make it even easier! You’ll only be required to put down a deposit when you make your pledge. Your pledge is collected at the end of the campaign, and then you’ll receive an email allowing you to pay for the remainder in full or through an easy payment plan.


1/16 Kit

Our 1/16 Kit is perfect for smaller spaces or smaller budgets! It is half the size of the 1/8 kit at 9.5”H x 6”W x 6” L. When you purchase the remaining sections, the total kit will be approximately 40 +/-“ long and fit on a 12” deep shelf!


The 1/16th version of our kit has been specifically engineered for this scale. It will retain as many details as possible from the full size 1/8th version, but please note that some parts may be combined or made thicker to allow for production at this smaller scale. Some stretch goals may not apply due to engineering constraints. If applicable, this will be noted in the stretch goal details.

B17 Ball Turret 1/16 Model Kit


1/8 Scale B-17F Ball Turret Model Kit

1/8 Kit

Standing at 18.75" tall and 12x12" footprint; the ball turret section is absolutely impressive with incredible detail and accuracy! This is our primary offering and will qualify for all of the stretch goals during the campaign. Instructions both in video and in text/image form will be available to help you assemble and paint!


1/8 Finished Collectible

If you are not a model maker but instead are a collector, we have the perfect pledge for you! The 1/8th scale finished collectible is assembled and painted in house by master artisans and includes all stretch goals automatically! This is the version that will be seen in museums around the country. And you can own this museum quality masterpiece for your own personal collection!


Painted 1/8 B-17F Ball Turret Collectible
Regular SQ copy clean.webp

1/8 Statue

We have something very special for those who either don't have the space for the entire fuselage or don't have the model making skills or the funds for the museum collectible. This 1/8 scale statue is fully painted and assembled featuring the ball turret and gunner in a memorial pose. Most stretch goals won't apply to this pledge but there will be a few and they will be noted in the stretch goal descriptions.

Dimensions 9.5W x 8.5D x 11.5H

Poly-stone material with custom metallic paint

Custom Memorial Plaque included

BT Beauty 2.jpg

Stretch Goals

THE MORE PLEDGES WE RECEIVE, THE MORE WE GIVE TO YOU! As soon as the Kickstarter page launches you will see a section where we will list pledge goals. As each goal is reached, it is added as a FREE GIFT to your pledge! It's our way of rewarding our supporters for sharing our campaign with their friends and audiences.


Below you will find the pricing for our pledges! Remember that each pledge during the Kickstarter Campaign is a deposit towards the total amount due. We will deduct that deposit amount and send you a payment link for the remainder. You'll be able to pay your remainder as a full-payment or you can start one of our no-credit-check payment plans. This project is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and we don't want finances to get between you and the collection of your dreams! Your pledge will also secure a loyalty discount on your future pledges for the other sections of this multi-campaign B-17F project.

TIMELINE (subject to changes based on outside influences)

May 2024

Campaign Launch

June 2024

Campaign Completion

July 2024

Pledge Manager Open

Payment Plans Start

August 2024

Production Begins

April 2025

Distribution Begins

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