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    An accurate replica of a model or maquette used by a studio in a motion picture film or television series that was made with physical materials. Both size and parts makeup must be considered and if research is available, they must be used to their full potential. If full color painting reference is available then paint matching must be attempted if applicable. Studio Scale collectibles are based with the original piece as a reference point in terms of size. In contrast, our Paragon Scale collectibles are sized independently of any existing piece and are intentionally scaled to fit most presentation situations.
    An exclusively crafted collection that embodies the pinnacle of quality, elegance, and precision. This series is designed to be a true masterpiece, representing the ideal balance of form, detail, and size. Just as a paragon signifies the highest standard of excellence, "Paragon Scale" models stand as shining examples of top-tier craftsmanship, carefully curated to offer a perfect fit for display while captivating enthusiasts with the same level of detail as a Studio Scale model. Elevate your collection with our "Paragon Scale" models and experience the epitome of collectible artistry. In contrast, our Studio Scale pieces are specifically referenced against an existing model and then scaled appropriately with that model as a reference point. Paragon Scale collectibles are instead intentionally scaled independently with common presentation situations in mind.
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