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    Shipping post-COVID is a whole new beast and rates change daily. This is especially true for international shipments. We have a logistics company working with us to provide direct shipping from HUBS around the world so that we can reduce shipping costs, especially to countries with import fees. This process is still a work in progress, and until we have shipped a multitude of items we will not be able to answer specific questions. That being said, shipping is invoiced when the item is ready to ship. This way we can use the most accurate rates. This invoice will be sent via email, so you must be subscribed so that you receive communication from us. If you do not respond to emails regarding payments and invoices we reserve the right to cancel your order and any funds you have applied will be forfeit, as stated in our refund policy. To make sure this does not happen, make sure you check your spam and trash for emails from us and use our Discord channel and look for Status updates on your account dashboard.
    Within the model industry, it is not uncommon for a model owner to commission a paint-job by someone with special skill. We choose to sell unpainted models as our default on Merlin Models. With that said, we also want to offer you the option of commissioning a paint-job at the same time that you purchase your kit. This is an optional service, and you are more than welcome to either paint the model yourself or to commission your own artist independently. If you do choose to commission a paint-job through Merlin Models, we will personally assemble and paint your model. It will be packed in a custom laser cut box that we design in our studio. We use Archive X paints and other professional materials to give you the highest grade paint-job that we can. This is not a factory paint job, and we use specific references to the movie props to match our paint work as closely as we can to the original. We are available for ANY painting commission. Our panting services are not limited to only Merlin Models collectibles, but are available for any model. Please note that if you choose to have your model painted by Merlin Models, it will add time to the overall production process. The painting process begins after the initial production is complete. The time that it takes to paint your model and ship it to you will vary based on the size of the model and the overall number of commissions that were ordered.
    You will be invited to make an account after you complete your first purchase or start a payment plan. NOTE: If you are an existing customer that had an account in our original system, you will still need to wait until you've made a purchase in our current system to make a modern account.
    An accurate replica of a model or maquette used by a studio in a motion picture film or television series that was made with physical materials. Both size and parts makeup must be considered and if research is available, they must be used to their full potential. If full color painting reference is available then paint matching must be attempted if applicable. Studio Scale collectibles are based with the original piece as a reference point in terms of size. In contrast, our Paragon Scale collectibles are sized independently of any existing piece and are intentionally scaled to fit most presentation situations.
    An exclusively crafted collection that embodies the pinnacle of quality, elegance, and precision. This series is designed to be a true masterpiece, representing the ideal balance of form, detail, and size. Just as a paragon signifies the highest standard of excellence, "Paragon Scale" models stand as shining examples of top-tier craftsmanship, carefully curated to offer a perfect fit for display while captivating enthusiasts with the same level of detail as a Studio Scale model. Elevate your collection with our "Paragon Scale" models and experience the epitome of collectible artistry. In contrast, our Studio Scale pieces are specifically referenced against an existing model and then scaled appropriately with that model as a reference point. Paragon Scale collectibles are instead intentionally scaled independently with common presentation situations in mind.
    We offer several ways to purchase custom kits at Merlin Models. Pre Orders are projects that have finished being designed and prototyped. They are typically available to see in a video on YouTube. Once the limited quota on a Pre Order is complete it will go into full production. Our Waitlist is made up of projects that have been popular in the past, but are no longer available. We want to make sure that everyone has a chance to purchase these models! We will feature these models on our Waitlist, and you can expect the list to rotate on a yearly basis. If you are interested in purchasing the model, you can express your interest by voting for it on each respective product page. Please note that your vote is extremely important and we view it as a commitment to purchase the product if it does enter into production again. We follow the same level of quality as with our initial run. No old molds! We change molds every 12 castings. You will receive an email once the waitlist is full. At this point you’ll be able to place your order by either paying in full or by starting a payment plan. There are many perks to being a part of the first run that will not be available for secondary runs. Secondary runs do not receive a coin or any exclusive plaques. During a first run of production, it is common for future owners to commission us to paint their models for them. We expect this and budget time for painting during each new major release. During secondary runs, we cannot guarantee that we will have extensive availability to offer painting. It is our goal to fulfill all requests, but we also know that secondary runs often open up alongside our latest offerings, and the latest offers receive priority. These perks are reserved for the first run of production of a given model and contribute to the collectibility and exclusivity of first run models.
    A hallmark of precision and uncompromising quality, Rigidyne material is meticulously engineered to complement and enhance our exclusive line of model kits. Crafted for its superior attributes, Rigidyne Polyurethane represents the pinnacle of material excellence.
    Each project is made to order, and we currently do not keep stock on hand. The Pre Order remains open until we reach our limited quota and then final production begins. On average production takes about 8 months. You can expect the entire process to take up to 12 months depending on the popularity of the project and when you purchase your Pre Order. If you pay for a painted commission, then the painting process begins after initial production is complete. The time that painting takes can vary based on whether the product is hand-painted, factory painted, and the size of the product. You can view the status of each of our current products on our updates page:
    Congratulations! Gift Cards can be used towards the purchase of any product on When you check out, there is an option to use a coupon code towards your purchase. Paste your Gift Card number as a coupon code, and your balance will be applied towards your purchase. Please note that Merlin Models Gift Cards are single-use. Your entire balance will be applied to your purchase. You cannot spread out your balance across multiple transactions.
    Each kit is made to order, so your funds go directly towards production. As such there are no refunds and you cannot take a deposit or payments from one item and place it on another item. The only refunds that we offer are on any funding campaigns that do not make it to completion. So far we have not had any of these instances! If you cannot complete an order you are welcome to contact us and we can cancel your order. But the payments that you have already made have already been applied to the cost of producing your product and will not be refunded. However, your success is important to us. If you’re struggling to assemble your kit or have any additional questions, we would encourage you to join our Discord server for support. If pieces are missing or damaged upon arrival, then please contact us.
    Shipping Rates change on a daily basis. We typically begin the pre-ordering process about a year before a product actually ships. Because of the fluid nature of logistics pricing, we cannot 100% accurately estimate shipping costs in advance. However, we can say that historically shipping prices average around $200 plus or minus depending on the size/weight of the item and where you are located. This does not include import fees and VAT for international customers. And we want to be up front that import fees and VAT can add to that amount. We do not inflate or add anything to shipping. You will pay the actual literal cost of what it takes to ship from our Factory in Asia to your location.
    Great question! Merlin Models Gift Cards are single-use. Your entire balance is applied when you purchase an item with your card. You cannot spread your balance across multiple transactions.
    Unlike most companies, we do not use a 3rd Party to handle our Payment Plan system. This allows us to uniquely offer No-Credit-Check financing. However, there is still a cost involved in offering and maintaining each plan for you. The software that we use to host the plan costs us monthly. We also have to pay an employee to maintain the plan for you. It may seem like the Payment Plan system is fully automated, but in reality our staff frequently answers questions, makes adjustments, and works on the structure of each plan. These are expensive services and the interest that we charge helps to offset a portion of that expense.
    Our models exceed industry standards in almost every way imaginable. As a result, the cost of a given model can be high. We don’t want price to prevent you from getting the model of your dreams. When you purchase one of our models, you can choose to make the complete payment up front. Or you can choose to go on a payment plan. The terms of the payment plan can vary based on the complexity and cost of the project. Payment plans do not require a credit check and include an interest fee of 9% to support the ongoing cost of maintaining the plan on your behalf. Payment Plans also require a deposit of 15% up front in lieu of a credit check. We try to line up your payment plan with our estimated shipping time, but you may finish your payment plan before a project has been fully produced. You will receive an email when the project is ready, and you can keep track of the project through our Discord channel and on the Status Page of our website. Shipping is invoiced separately at the time of shipping and must be paid in full.
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